Thursday, March 19, 2009


I must say that I've been quite pleased with the incredible turnaround by AZ this season. The lead at the top of the table is quite impressive too, as is the 25-game unbeaten streak. Probably the only tarnish so far is the loss to NAC Breda in the KNVB Cup, preventing AZ from scoring the league and cup double.

That said, I'm not about to assume victory at this point. I'm still too scarred from the loss on the final day of the season two years ago that cost AZ the title. I'm comfortable... but wary.

If you happen by this blog, please leave a comment below. I would love to turn this thing into a centre for English-speaking AZ fans.

Go AZ!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Netherlands 3 Italy 0

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this result, especially after all the injuries to hit the national team. This is all I'm capable of typing at the moment.

Friday, April 4, 2008

On the Lack of Updating

Alright, alright, I admit I haven't updated much.

But with this season, can you blame me?

I was ready to hang up championship banners after last season's second place finish, and now AZ is fighting to stave off relegation.

We've loaned players to teams above us in the standings. Isn't that the height of ignominy?

I'm too depressed to update the standings in the left sidebar.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

How I Became an AZ fan

It all started a couple years ago, while I was reading Bill Simmons column on ESPN. He decided that he was going to pick a random EPL team to support, because he knew soccer was a worldwide phenomenon, and the only reason it hadn't caught on in America was because America didn't have the best soccer players in the world (in fact, not even close). He did one of his famous rankings posts, and eventually chose Tottenham Hotspur, if I recall correctly.

I figured, why can't I do the same thing?

At first, I looked for an EPL team. But in truth, I needed something to base my decision on. I couldn't just pick a team out of a hat. I decided to go for team colours. My favourite colours are blue and red. In other words, I love Barcelona's jersey. But truth is, I don't like cheering for prohibitive favourites, so Barca was out. I looked through a website to see if I could find any EPL team whose colours were blue and red, and came up with Crystal Palace. True enough, their jersey was even better than Barca--but they were mired in the second tier, with no hope of leaving any time soon.

Eventually, I looked for another trait, and came to the Dutch league. I've always admired the Dutch--first because their national colour is Orange, which is another favourite of mine. Then throw in how they were the "underdog" nation in the five colonial nation race of the Renaissance-Enlightenment eras (Spain, Portugal, France, and England, in case I need to refresh your memory). And their soccer team is awesome (minus the 2006 World Cup, which won't be mentioned for reasons of safety).

So Dutch league it was, and the website directed me to AZ Alkmaar. I read about the team on Wikipedia, got into their history, and soon enough I was hooked. I found their website and had it translated into English via Babelfish.

I was disappointed to later discover they were no longer wearing red and blue, and felt slightly cheated. And only days ago did I learn that if I was after red and blue, I probably should have chosen Twente Enschede. But it's too late for that! I was hooked.

At least, as "hooked" as is possible when next to no material about the team is available in English. I'd watch the occasional Youtube video posted, and read the game previews and summaries on I'm in the midst of playing a season as AZ on FIFA 2001. Yeah, I know, I should get a new edition, but I'm a college student!

I realize I'm no expert, but I hope to be soon. It is my hope that, through this blog, I can help English-speaking AZ fanatics find information about their team, as well as an open forum to discuss all things AZ.

Go Alkmaar Zaanstreak!